Increased Energy Efficiency for Server Systems

The Thomas-Krenn.AG from Freyung, our partner in the area of server- and system solutions, shows us how to gain energy efficiency with the „right“ hardware solution. The experts of one of the largest server manufacturers in Germany know what they are talking about when it comes to energy-saving server- and client systems.


Modern servers offer a technology that is not only oriented towards performance, but also towards energy efficiency and economic cost effectiveness. The Intel Atom Servers are one example for this. Despise permanent load, the processors within an Atom Server need to be hardly cooled, are extremely quiet and offer nevertheless more performance than previous models. In general: Different components are joining within the newer server generations. They combine high-performance and efficiency. The structure width of the new processors (measured in nanometer) significantly contributes to be able to work more energy-conscious. The less nanometers a component has, the less waste heat does it produce and is thus energy-efficient. Therefore a new server often already pays off after two to three years, alone by the low energy consumption.

Power Supply

Power supplies that have the so called „80 PLUS-certification“ are operating especially energy-sufficient. This certification prescribes that power supplies need to have an efficiency factor of at least 80 percent, no matter how great the workload may be. Thus, the proper power supply can achieve substantial energy savings.


A machine that does physically not exist has the lowest level of energy consumption.  The principle of virtualization is gaining more and more importance for businesses and changes the familiar architecture of an IT landscape. Virtual machines can run on a minimum amount of physical servers. Thus, the hardware resources are optimally utilized. With virtualization, energy can be saved, you can go easy on resources and the profitability can be improved. Flexibility, scalability and stability support the infrastructure and thereby business results.

Cloud Computing

With flexibly available computing power in the Cloud, further advantages can be gained. Peak loads of a network are absorbed by flexibly usable, virtual data centers and virtual data centers may be scaled flexible at any time. One advantage is the absolute cost control, since the use can be accounted for exact to the hour. Cloud Computing must be highly available and requires a well-functioning hardware.

It is worth to look into the topic of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness and to heed the mentioned elements when purchasing a new server system.

About the Thomas-Krenn.AG

The Thomas-Krenn.AG is the leading European online shop for servers, server solutions and quality-hosting. The portfolio ranges from rack servers, silent servers to solutions for HA-Clustering, virtualization, storage- and system solutions. Knürr-network cabinets, TFT-plug-ins and an extensive range of network accessories round off the offer for the customer. 

As the only company in this industry sector, the individual configured servers can be delivered throughout Europe within 24 hours.

The company from Freyung attaches high importance to profitability and efficiency. It not only offers energy-saving server systems, but also solutions within the sector of virtualization and Cloud computing.