Power- and Energy Saving at the Office: 12 Tips

Identifying energy guzzlers and using the energy saving potential – there are numerous ways to do exactly this in the everyday office life. The following tips may help you to prevent unnecessary environmental stress and to reduce your energy costs. 

  1. Adjustment of the IT from workstation computers to a system with a mainframe computer and terminal workplaces: as a result there is no longer such a high computer performance at the office, so that, correspondingly, less heat is set free.
  2. Usage of laptops instead of desktop computers. A laptop needs approximately a third less energy than a PC.
  3. Consideration of standardized valuation systems for energy-saving products when purchasing office equipment, for example Energy Star and Blauer Engel.
  4. Switching off monitors when there are longer breaks instead of using a screensaver.
  5. Reduction of room temperature over the weekend, turning off or performance reduction of ventilating systems and air conditioners.
  6. Minimum use of paper, among other things by dispatching e-bills and the usage of e-documents. Where this is not possible, print on both sides of the paper and scale down documents for printing or copying.
  7. Usages of recycled paper from 100% scrap paper.
  8. Replacement of business trips through telephone- and video conferences.
  9. Usage of energy-saving lamps.
  10. Usage of exclusively cold water for washbasins.
  11. Disable the standby mode of power devices over night, weekends and during vacation periods. This is easily done by using connector strips with energy toggle switches.
  12. Switching to a green electricity provider.