hybris software-end-to-end multichannel commerce

hybris supports companies to communicate with their customers across all channels and points of interactions – online and offline – in a continuous, consistent and effective way and thus helps them to sell more products, services and digital contents. hybris delivers "OmniCommerce™": modern Master Data Management and uniform commerce processes that enable companies to have a comprehensible view on their customers, products and orders. At the same time, the customers profit from a seamless shopping experience.

hybris commerce software The hybris Omni-Channel software, based on open standards, is extensible in a flexible way, globally applicable and is characterized by low operating costs. Positioned as „leader“ by leading analysts, hybris is among the top 3 of the industry. hybris offers its solution as a local installation, on-demand as well as managed-/hosted service. Companies of all sizes thus profit from a maximum of flexibility.

The increasingly interconnected world with its technical developments has decisively shaped the shopping behavior: today, the customer is king on all distribution channels. The customer today informs himself before the final purchase decision via the various channels, he compares prices, does research and also often buys via mouse click. Thus, today more than ever, providers have to face the challenge to adjust their distribution structures towards multichannel commerce; to adjust processes, they have to think about new business strategies and become active.

Companies can extend their internet activities by means of the hybris solutions, they can manage their data centrally or can automate their multilingual product catalogue editions. hybris is the only provider that can bring together these applications on a single platform for all output channels.

hybris Multichannel Suite: All Channels. One Platform.

hybris is whole heartedly committed to the issue of multichannel commerce. Everything is built on the multichannel commerce software, the product content, business processes and all distribution channels are integrated in one single platform. Companies using hybris can thus offer a uniform and continuous shopping experience to their customers. Thereby, hybris provides various modules. The customers themselves can put together the modules to meet the individual demands just like with a  modular system.

The Modul hybris Product Content Management (PCM) consolidates the management of product content and business data on one single platform in order to ensure the consistency, and to increase the efficiency for all channels, systems and fields. By means of hybris Mobile companies can integrate mobile devices completely in their marketing strategy. This solution functions as a link between stationary and online-trade. It supports visiting websites and stores, enables the search for product- and price information and optimizes the business processes between customers, partners and suppliers.

hybris Web Content Management (WCMS) offers intuitive graphical data management to consistently present products and brands online, to efficiently manage content as well as publishing across all channels. Because pieces of printed matter still do play an important role regarding distribution/marketing, hybris also supports companies regarding these tasks.

hybris Print ensures an automation of print processes and supports bidirectional workflows for an efficient creation and management of print material. In order to ensure the consistency of brands, product information and prices with content in other channels, this solution is synchronized with hybris PCM.

In order to be specifically able to meet the needs of B2C- and B2B customers, hybris offers the applications hybris B2C / B2B Commerce that provide target-group specific functions.

All mentioned solutions can also be purchased in a bundled form, the hybris Multichannel Suite. In addition to the software, hybris offers its customers multichannel consulting, professional services, training courses, certifications, hosting & managed services and, of course, maintenance and support.

hybris B2B Commerce: Selling According to B2C-Model

While the retail trade already successfully uses the means of multichannel distribution for communication as well as for sales, the B2B-industry is still at the very beginning regarding this field. Of course B2B companies do have to face by far greater challenges compared to B2C companies, but nevertheless it applies to both: the successful customer acquisition and –loyalty depends on how well companies succeed in providing products and services exactly  tailored to meet the customer wishes. Driven by the changes regarding customer behavior, the B2B-business increasingly experiences a „consumerization“. Business customers long for more comfort and service.

B2B-traders thus do have to face the challenge of having to adjust their strategies, systems, and processes to the B2C-Multichannel Commerce model most quickly. By means of hybris B2B Commerce, hybris accounts for the increasing demand for a B2B multichannel solution. For the solution offers companies all specific B2B features that enable them to offer a shopping experience to their customers just like the B2B-trade, to increase sales, and to gain competitive advantages. Among these are the administration of cost centers and budgets, the support of complex B2B price models, purchasing-workflows as well as an automatic supply order planning.

hybris Operates Globally

Represented by 15 branch offices in the economic centers of North- and South America, Asia and Europe, hybris has more than 400 customers word wide, among them well-known brands such as Coca-Cola, Conrad, Douglas, Hornbach, Iomega, Kaiser+kraft, Levi‘s, Lufthansa, Migros, Nespresso, Nikon, P&G, Rexel and Toys”R”Us.

comspace and hybris

hybris focuses on a network of implementation- and technology partners in order to support customers regarding the provisioning and operation of the hybris Multichannel Suite. As a hybris Silber Partner, comspace is part of this network and has a longstanding professional know-how regarding the implementation of multi-channel-solutions, deriving from more than 200 customer projects in various branches,

For further information please see hybris.com.