Curating rather than Publishing - Mercedes Benz Social Publish

The car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is practicing a particularly innovative form of content marketing since summer 2012: internal and external content is curated on Social Publish. Web content is curated on the eponymous web platform. The specialty: texts, images and videos are not only provided by the own marketing department.

The platform is based on three pillars as regards content, in order to provide inspirations in respect to the products and topics of the brand:

  • Mercedes Benz’s own content
  • Social web content from bloggers
  • Conventional media reports

Among other things, Social Publish uses the technology of the RSS feeds to locate content fragments on the web that go well with the company’s products, and to aggregate them automatically to the platform.

The communication goes in several directions:  

The company itself spreads its own content, which is then provided in a bundled way.

Content from other sources is gathered and is thus led centralized to the company.

This is still rather conventional. But then the networking effect hits, which represents the social web and thus also content marketing.

Bloggers and web publishers can not only access company content, but can also see what others have already published on the web. They can refer to it and can thus contribute to the further spread.

 In contrast to traditional media that rather seek to keep their readers on the own platform and correspondingly link to archive content, web publishers are very interested in linking according to the principle that the US journalist Jeff Jarvis described with the words "Do what you do best, link to the rest". Freely interpreted he meant to say: "Write about what you know best and then link to other articles".

Content can be searched for on Social Publish via various filter mechanisms. For example Mercedes-Benz is thus self-confident and gives the users the opportunity to hide all company articles to only show independent sources. Filtering according to topics or temporal restrictions is also possible. Every filtering can be subscribed to as an RSS feed and thus be regularly used.

That way, content from and about the company finds its way to important multipliers and interested end users.

But also the external content publishers profit from this offer, get additional range and readers. The company does thus not only function as a supplier for content but moreover as a range-multiplier.

See a detailed introduction to the Social Publish tool at the company’s blog by the employee Wolfgang Würth, responsible for "Social Media Communication" at Mercedes-Benz: as well as a video of the launch presentation by Mr. Würth in the context of the driving event of the new A-Class in Slovenia:

For background information from the contracted agency Scholz&Volkmer about the implementation of the project see .