Our Mission Statement

What defines us. What we believe.

comspace has developed greatly in recent years. This regards the number of employees as well as the direction of the company. For the attraction in the comspace universe to continue to function so well, we have formulated a mission statement together with the entire team. Making transparent what comspace defines, what objectives we have set ourselves and how we want to achieve them – that’s what it's all about.

Our most important value:

Turning words into actions.

High quality standards, fun in what we do, and an open handling have been the basic ingredients for comspace’s success from the outset. So that it stays that way, we have jointly developed a set of values. They shall give us orientation in cooperation among us and with our customers. Values are one thing. However, it is decisive to turn words into actions and to be a little bit better every day. For example, in this very moment. Here we go.


Only those who respect are respected.

For us, fairness is the basis of any good cooperation. This means that giving and taking must be balanced. This also includes an interaction which is characterized by openness and honesty, mutual appreciation and respect.


Who stops getting better has stopped to be good.

We are professionals. That's why we know: everything can still get better, even we ourselves. comspace stands for a culture of continuous improvement and a high level of craftsmanship. The joint planning, action and evaluation as well as the substantive advice that we give our clients, are further pillars of the comspace professionalism.


Putting the cards on the table and win. 

We are convinced that transparency pays off at the end for everyone. Therefore, we do not simply want to decide, but fashion decisions comprehensively. The conditions for this are an open communication in all directions as well as clear responsibilities.


Everyone can make a difference.

Responsibility starts with each and every one. It means for all of us to pursue the best result, to show willingness and to take initiative. Doing this, we act bindingly and loyally in respect to colleagues and partners as well as on the client side. In addition, we meet a social responsibility that we face inside and outside of the company.


Welcome to the team. 

We are much more than the sum of individual heads. We are a community, where everyone stands for everyone, which creates a positive climate and thus moves all of us forward. Our togetherness is valuable. We must live it again and again and must also again and again produce it newly.