Web Analysis

How familiar are you with the visitors and their activities on your website? Do you know which pages are the most frequently visited by the users, how long they are on your website and on which pages the bounce rate is the highest? Do you know the search terms by which your website can be found?

These and many more questions are answered by professional web-analysis tools. Only a constant visitor tracking, adjusted to your website’s goals, enables you to optimize your website’s information and sales offers and to evaluate the effectiveness of individual marketing activities. By doing so you will get to know the custom behavior far better and can improve your website’s success sustainably.

Which services do we offer?

We can help you to generate meaningful and current data for your questions - with little time expenditure. Our range of services includes:

Beratung bei der Auswahl eines passenden Analyse-Tools

  • Advice regarding the selection of a proper analysis tool
  • Implementing the tracking code on your website
  • Real-time analysis of the visitor behavior and the visitor profiles
  • Search eingine analysis 
  • Web-success control
  • Ecommerce evaluations
  • Regular reports, tailored to your information needs
  • Derived recommendations for a website optimization

Our technology partners

We cooperate successfully with the following web-analysis providers:

  • Google Analytics
  • Piwik
  • Etracker
  • Webtrekk   

Whether an Open Source or an analysis-tool with costs is employed depends, among other things, on the extent of the to-be-tracked data, the requirements of the analysis intensity and the importance that the internet has for your business.

We would be pleased to provide you with an individual offer – contact us!