Server-Hosting and Housing

From co-location over rack-housing to full-service managed-hosting – we offer the appropriate solution for almost every requirement. Each solution may be expanded regarding matching services (firewall, domain management, backup/storage, load-balancing, virtual servers etc.). Each system can, depending on the system equipment, can be connected multiple redundanced to the internet or power supply.

Dedicated servers

We gladly provide dedicated optimized server-systems for your online offers. Thereby we calculate according to your requirements the corresponding infrastructure and provide it even as a rental solution. You can determine the maturity. Just as you need it for your project.

Managed Server

In addition to system support you can also rely on us concerning application management. In connection to this we gladly create personalized business- and emergency concepts and arrange matching service-level-agreements with you – even if the servers are not in our data processing center.

Virtual servers

On our Blade-Center there are different scaled virtualserver-systems available. In addition to  fast availability, this solution is also marked by a high degree of flexibility.

Server-Housing / Co-Location

Whether it is whole racks or a single server. We provide a suitable environment.  We take care of the power supply and network connectivity for you.   The complete access to your systems remains in your hands.