International Domain-Management for a Variety of Well-Known Customers

Different countries have different customs. This also applies to the registration and management of domains. Currently there are over 300 Top-Level-Domains (TLDs) available and many of those domains can only be registered under certain conditions.

We are assisting and supporting well-known companies concerning the registration and management of their domains for many years.

Our service:

  • Domain maintenance (automatic renewal, DNS-maintenance, etc.)
  • Payment processing
  • Domain registration to your name
  • Support regarding the purchase of already registered domains
  • Hosting and domain management from a single source
  • Competent advice for the selection of suitable domain-names and checking the availability
  • Assistance regarding the compilation of required documents and verifications
  • Direct registration at the issuing body or third parties
  • Uniform invoicing without exchange rate fluctuations 
  • Over 3000 domains
  • 200 Mio domains
  • 307 TLDs.