24. Mai 2012

The website vorfussamputation.de offers target group specific information

The fore-foot amputation is a sensible issue. To address affected persons – patients and users – in an informative and helpful way, is the aim of the new information portal vorfussamputation.de. The launch of the website is carried out on behalf of an initiative of the Ottobock HealthCare GmbH, Duderstadt.

Website Vorfussamputation by Otto BockIn order to give users a quick overview of the relevant topics, a clear structure and an intuitive navigation were of great importance when the conception of the website was developed. Also the option to adjust the typeface regarding its size contributes to the website’s good usability. The design, developed by Spirit Link Medical, Erlangen, is discreet and designed in decent shades – in a manner appropriate to the topic. All important topics can be accessed directly from the start page, whether it’s about the supplying-process, the wound healing or care tips for forefoot prostheses. In addition, there is a directly accessible function for finding local supply experts.

For concrete information, patients have the opportunity on vorfussamputation.de to directly enter a dialogue with Ottobock via a contact button. Be it to get further information regarding forefoot-prostheses or to ask, if additional supply experts are participating locally at the Ottobock-certification program. The exchange with other affected persons is enabled by a link to a list with self-help groups.