03. Januar 2014

comspace Advises Möbel Akut Field of Search Engine Optimization

Möbel Akut

On behalf of Möbel Akut we have performed a web-analysis of their online shop during the last three months and have developed an extensive package of measures to improve the findability of its shop-website in the internet.

It was the aim to achieve a more positive and increasing development of the visitor numbers. The OnPage analysis of the moebel-akut.de site showed optimization potential regarding some points, for example in respect to the search engine optimized use of footage, the avoidance of duplicate content, the structuring of content and the search engine friendly design of title- and meta-data.

The implementation of the proposed measures was performed by Möbel Akut itself. That this step proofed successful is demonstrated by the current SEO key-figures with first positive results: thus, there are, also by increasing the content quality of the site, significant improvements regarding the positioning of the website and of relevant industry-specific keywords at Google. Among the first ten search results of the search engine are significantly more keywords. Furthermore, the visibility index of the site shows a continual growth for some months now.

For further details regarding the web analysis and the implemented measures please read here.