07. Oktober 2011

For every indication a matching orthotic: The new product finder on Ottobock.de

A new tool adds to the website of the international business Otto Bock Healthcare now, including an additional, very useful function for the German market: we managed to integrate an unerring product finder that finds the matching orthotic for every medical indication. The search options are specific to the respective target group.

Doctors and therapists can choose from ten different localization areas and up to 22 professional indications per localization. After having chosen the effect, the tool offers matching orthotics. A link leads to the responding product description, including detailed information about indications, application, effect and other features and advantages of the particular orthotic.

The analog tool for users and patients offers a similar, if a little more limited, selection and is marked by product information, which are target group adequate and comprehensible to the medical layperson. By means of a size chart, one can select the matching design. A vendor directory, integrated within the website, enables you to locate a vendor close to your residence.

From a technical point of view, this tool is based on the Verity Search of Open Text Web Solution, which allows a full-text search for the whole content. In order to make the operation as simple as possible, it was programed by means of JavaScript.  The editors enter the content into the editorial system and can then edit the products for the selection of orthotics accordingly.  It was important to implement the selection-feature by using Open Text Standards.

Otto Bockis a global player and innovation leader in the field of healthcare, the company has just under 5000 employees worldwide and 2010 sales were about 750 millions. The Dutch company’s products are available via nearly every orthopedic technician.