11. Juni 2012

The New Inxmail Professional Version 4.2 with even more services

At the beginning of July the Inxmail GmbH, one of the leading providers and our partner for email marketing solutions, will bring to market an update of their Inxmail Professional Software. The new version 4.2 offers an increase of response by trigger-mailings and the optimization of campaigns with the insight of an eye tracking check.

Furthermore, preexisting functions are optimized in such a way as to bring about more data hygiene and to a simplified definition of target groups. Alternative to a lengthy release process, there now is an instant release with only one click that makes a release protocol comprehensible at any time.

Optimal Conversion Rates with Trigger-Mailings

With trigger-mailings, incident related emails, for example about loyalty programs, birthdays or anniversaries, can be personalized and send automated. The high personal relevance of the information makes it possible to achieve an above-average opening- and clicking rate. Inxmail offers predefined templates for several trigger-mailings that make the setup of mailings easier. In addition, there are various analyses and reports available after the dispatch.

Alertness Check by Eye-Tracking

With the new eye-tracking function, it can be determined how the readers perceive the contents and which are the most attention grabbing - before the mailing dispatch. Bases on the EyeQuant technology, derived from brain research, graphical analyses are created, which can be revised and optimized based on the mailing layout.

For users of Inxmail Professional who want to familiarize with the new version 4.2 in advance, Inxmail offers corresponding webinars and training courses.

For all customers for whom we are running the newsletter management via our Inxmail server, we will take on the update on the new release.