hybris software End-to-End multichannel commerce

hybris is one of the leading experts in the field of End-to-End Multichannel Commerce. The manufacturer of standard software and provider of Managed and Hosting Services from Munich help businesses and companies to communicate consistently, topically and relevantly with customers and partners via all distribution channels. To meet this challenge hybris has developed an integrated and flexible solution to manage marketing- and distribution- information media-neutrally, automated and centrally. Thus, companies are enabled to distribute their products and services consistently via all distribution channels. 

hybris software the future of commerceToday, businesses and companies have to react quickly regarding changing decision- and buying behavior and at the same time must be able to offer a unique shopping experience: online, for example in online shops, via mobile devices or social networks, as well as offline, for example within print catalogues or in call-centers. 

By means of the hybris solutions, business and companies may extend their internet activities, may manage their data centrally or may automate their multi-lingual editions – hybris Software is the only provider to bring together these applications on a platform for all output channels.

hybris Multichannel Suite: All channels. One platform.

The hybris Multichannel Suite offers seamlessly integrated applications, including hybris PCM, hybris B2C Commerce, hybris B2B Commerce, hybris Print, hybris Mobile, hybris Web Content Management and hybris Customer Service. The hybris PCM (Product Content Management) supports all types of media and enables the permanent storage of product data for all integrated ecommerce applications and print channels – without delay, media breaks or complex synchronization processes.

All software products by hybris may be used individually or combined with other products. Thus, one can react rapidly regarding different requirements. Step by step an overall solution can be created, knowing that a smooth integration in existing IT-systems is ensured.

PCM based ecommerce- and print solutions offer completely new opportunities to synchronize distribution channels. The number of channels will increase further due to the new possibilities of mobile ecommerce and TV-shopping. By means of the flexible and easy-to-handle software by hybris, companies can use these new business opportunities successfully.

hybris Multichannel Accelerator: Faster implementation. More sales.

The Multichannel Accelerator is a standardized Commerce-Framework that integrates proven multichannel functions with central product- and order- management, online shops, call centers and social networks. By means of the hybris Multichannel Accelerator, companies can quickly and easily implement a future-proof multichannel commerce solution in order to react quickly regarding changing customer behavior and to be able to offer a consistent experience in all distribution channels. They take care of excellent scalability and high flexibility – the most important requirements for successful growth.

hybris is used worldwide

Represented by 14 branch offices in the economic centers of North- and South America, Asia and Europe, hybris has more than 380 customers worldwide. Among those are leading brands from the trading- and manufacturing industry, such as .: Adidas, Levi´s, Lufthansa, Clarks, Timberland, Nespresso, Toys´R´Us, Coca Cola Beverages, Ericsson, Rexel, Bobcat, Kaiser+Kraft, Hornbach, Nikon, Migros, Conrad, Iomega and Grundfos.

Comspace and hybris

hybris banks on a network of implementation and technology-partners in order to support customers regarding the provision and application of the hybris Multichannel Suite.  comspace being a hybris Silber Partner, is part of this network and has a longstanding professional know-how in respect to the implementation of multi-channel-solutions, deriving from experience from over 200 customer projects in various industries.

For further information please visit hybris.de.