Google News - may 2011

In the last few weeks, Google has by and by adjusted the LinkBar of the respective countries, beginning with The reason for this little adjustment is the integration of Google Profile into the menu, as well as the reorganization of the settings, which are accessible to the top right above the little number wheel.

Secret Google layout adjustment

Google Layout Changes

By means of Google Instant a service is provided that generates the search results in real-time when entering a search term or search phrase. This means that even while entering, preliminary results are displayed, so that the user has the opportunity to interrupt his entry and therefore can already have the corresponding search result displayed in advance.  According to Google, not only time for queries is saved by this service, but also the search itself is more effective – because the user can see quickly, if his query is going in the right direction or must, if necessary, be altered.

Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview

With Instant Preview Google conjures a new function into the output of the search results, namely the user can have screenshots of websites displayed without having visited those previously. In order to activate them the user has to click on the little magnifier next to the headline of the search result. Thus, one can quickly distinguish between interesting and uninteresting websites. 

New display of search results

Furthermore, Google works on the display of the search results – which may not have been noticed by many so far.  This is due to the fact that the display appears spontaneous and is not displayed for every search. Google explains this by saying that „this is a field trial and users selected by random generator may test the new functions and display.“

It is interesting to see that the search results are now seperated by lines, which ensures a better and more structures overview.

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Nevertheless, the new layout already had to take a lot of criticism, due to the fact that because of the new display less information (description as well as direct links) concerning the individual websites is published. It remains to be seen, if the new layout will become accepted or will disappear into the archives.