allyve GmbH & Co. KG – Your Website, fast, easy and Data Protection Compliant Connected to the Social Web

The core product of allyve, „allyve All-in-One“ , is a software-as-a-service-solution by which a website is completely connected to the social web. The software bundles all important features of the most popular social networks and social media services in one social media interface. Integrated in this interface, 10 social plugins are available. As a Whitelabel-solution, the social plugins can be integrated seamlessly in every website. By means of the social plugins and the additional service statistic, moderation and cloud-database, nothing stands in the way of a successful social media integration and optimization of the website. As the first and only solution allyve All-in-One additionally ensures data protection compliant and legally secure social media integration. Data protection and data security were certified by the TÜV Rheinland.

Social Plugins

Allyve Social Media SoftwareThese social plugins enhance every website and offer website users multifaceted new ways of interaction. Whether social login, comments, share or gamification, the social plugins are construed to increase the users’ activity. By the full social media integration with the social media interface, the visibility of the website is furthermore strengthened within the social web. Thus, the referral-traffic from the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Xing is also increased.

Social Media Services

The social media services supply the website-staff with professional and varied functions to manage the allyve All-in-One activities easily, to analyze data and to optimize actions. Also the cooperation within a team is, due to the differentiated role- and legal concept of the social media services, a piece of cake.

All-in-One API

By means of the All-in-One API every company can use the features of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Xing & Co. on the own website. Thus, website-operators do get access to profile information of their users and distribute website-contents virally by word-of-moth marketing of the users. The All-in-One API offers access to the APIs of currently 11 social networks and social media services.

Do save valuable time and money regarding the social media integration and use our Software Development Kits for all common programming languages. Whether Java, PHP or .NET, you will have all functions of the allyve All-in-One fast and easily implemented in your website.


About the allyve GmbH & Co. KG

allyve is a technology service provider in the social media sector from Hamburg. With our team in the center of the metropolis of the Elbe River, we specialized in 2007 in the development of innovative products around interfaces of the big social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. The process of change and the high innovation level within the internet are driving us every day to new heights of performance. The result of this work did already help lots of companies and businesses, among these Siemens, Conrad Caine, Vodafone, DasÖrtliche, MeinTelefonbuch and DG Business-