YouTube Channel for businesses

Perhaps you have visited a YouTube Channel of a car-brand such as VW, BMW, AUDI or of another company. In the following it will be explained which purpose the YouTube Channels serve, what kind of channels there are and what differences are between them.

Google Youtube

What is a YouTube Channel?

All registered YouTube users automatically have a channel after the registration process. The channel name equals the username that was stated when registering. In this YouTube Channel all videos that you upload or mark as favorites can be looked at. Individual playlists can also be displayed. In addition profile data, subscribers, your own subscriptions, friends, comments and other points can be activated and be made visible and usable on the Channel Page.

Which points actually make sense concerning the own channel depends on the site’s objectives. If the communication with users shall be focused on, the points „comments“ and „friends“ should be activated and usable for users.

What YouTube Channels are there?

By default, every user has a normal channel at his disposal after the registration. This channel may be changed later on into a Partner Channel or a Brand Channel. For a Brand Channel certain minimum requirementsmust be met. This includes, among other things, self-created original videos, to whose whole audio- and video- material you have ownership. The Brand Channel on the other hand enables the company to create a "brand-capable" and custom-designed user interface on YouTube. A Brand Channel is used to establish long-lasting relationships with your customers and to familiarize the customer with the brand.

What differences are there between the various YouTube Channels?

For one thing, the difference between a normal channel and a Partner Channel or a Brand Channel   lies in the possibility to make money with it or to fully benefit from all functions. The following is a brief list of individual features of the various channels

Normal channel

  • No costs
  • Offers all basic functions (profile data, subscribers, your own subscriptions, friends, comments…)
  • Basic layout adjustments are possible (backgrounds and colours)

> Creating a YouTube account

YouTube Partner Chanel

  • No costs
  • Revenues from ads
  • Offers all basic functions (profile data, subscribers, your own subscriptions, friends, comments…)
  • Extensive layout  adjustments are possible (channel banner, backgrounds and colours

Tips from YouTube about the Partner Channel:
> Optimization of the Partner Channel
> Registration as partner

YouTube Brand Channel

  • Offers all basic functions (profile data, subscribers, your own subscriptions, friends, comments…)
  • Special layout adjustments are possible (channel banner,  background image, brand-field, backgrounds and colours)
  • Protection of band-security
  • Google Gadgets
  • The use of the brand channel involves costs that are used for advertising efforts on YouTube

Tips from YouTube about the Brand Channel:

> Optimization of the Brand Channel
> Creation of a Brand Channel