Success by speed - everywhere

It can be very annoying to wait a long time for the content of a website - only to recognize the content wasn’t what you were looking for in the first place. It is for this reason that many users promptly abort their visit if they have to wait for some time, and they rarely come back. Too bad, isn’t it, that because of this you can’t sell them your services or products. Content Distribution Networks help to bring content quickly to the user, without your having to build a worldwide infrastructure of name- and webservers.

Success via SpeedProviders such as Cotendo, Akamai or NTT Europe Online help you to deliver your content all around the world with minimal latencies and thus to make your business a success. Even short system breakdowns in the main computing centre can be compensated thanks to caching-functionalities. Static content, big media-files or country-specific sites can easily be stored peripherally, and can thus be provided to every customer in an optimized way. Because not only does the bounce-rate caused by delays hurt your bottom-line – Google takes loading times into account as one of many factors for their search-engine-ranking. This does not only happen by crawling as such, but also by Googles’ registering of bounces. If a user returns to Google immediately after the search, this, too, will influence the ranking.

How does a Content Distribution Network work?

As a basis for the distribution of requests, apart from a central server with all the web content, a network of DNS-servers and caching-servers is needed, which will usually be supplied by the CDN-provider. Requests to the website are routed - via the name-servers - to the nearest caching-server which then transfers the content. The short latencies to the nearest server cut loading times many times over, and the workload on the original server decreases. Big CDN-providers maintain thousands of computation-centers all over the world, enabling them to serve customers within one and the same region through different physical line-providers.

What are the advantages of a CDN?

Apart from the fastest possible delivery to every corner of the world, also the original systems are massively relieved. Thus not only can the origin server be scaled much smaller, but the computation center’s linkage is also relieved. Even with a massive rush of visitors due to media presence or current news in your industry, optimal delivery is ensured and your source linkage is only minimally burdened. Even where the CDN is met with many times the original system’s bandwidth, the original server’s computation center will not turn into a bottleneck. Even short system outages are not necessarily a problem any longer, as long as the provider’s cache is still loaded and valid.

We will be glad to help you choose the optimal solution for a worldwide delivery of your web content.