Sitecore: digital business-communication - cross medial, relevant, successful

In 2011, Sitecore was listed by all relevant analysts among the worldwide leading WCM systems. Gartner even declared recently that Sitecore is the most innovative provider with the most integrated, most visionary offering for the requirements of modern marketing. This is reason enough to introduce our long-time partner Sitecore to you.

With Sitecore Digital Business-Communication Becomes Successful

Sitecore Digital Business-Communication The mail focus of every modern marketing strategy is on the web. Thus it is important to have a system by which you can operate flexibly, efficiently and safely. comspace keeps matching alternatives ready for you. The Sitecore CMS and CEP products offer interesting opportunities, especially for marketing departments, so that these can achieve their goals faster and easier. 

Sitecore is the worldwide leading .NET WCMS. The owner-managed and since its founding profitable company, has over 2700 active customers today – worldwide.

350 employees (thereof more than 100 regular developers of the staff) look after the product advancement together with the 4500 registered free developers. In addition to the numerous functional innovations in the field of CMS and Cloud Computings, Sitecore brought the Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), a unique platform for digital marketing, on its way last year. It supports Marketing Managers regarding getting better grips with the cross-media complexity within the online-marketing and to increase the ROI as well as conversion rates. One example is the personalization of content: The Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform enables you to provide your website visitors with information in real-time and to direct them through the website according to their clicking-behavior. The information is then part of further actions, such as email-campaigns or Ecommerce, which are thus leading to a holistic online-marketing. Marketing Automation, Analytics, Profiling, A/B Testing, SEO, Geo Tracking and Lead Tracking are only a few keywords that mark Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform.

Working with Sitecore has nothing to do with magic. Via the Sitecore Inlineeditor, editors can create/design personalization-paths, including the corresponding components, such as texts, news, graphics, videos, podcasts, downloads, etc. – without dissipating or losing track.

With Sitecore you keep your content and your design under control, even in the Babylonian web-jungle – in a whole lot of languages and with a complex network of international editors and translators. In addition, Sitecore provides you with a device-optimized presentation within the mobile Web. When accessing it is promtly detected wether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or some other mobile terminal device. The display of the website is automatically adjusted in the background – very easily.

We could convince ourselves on several projects and occasions regarding the performance and capacity of the system; for example when relaunching the website of our customer Aloys F. Dornbracht. By using the Sitecore CMS, not only the classic WCM-requirements were covered, but also the visually high demanding and at the same time digital web-appearance were dynamically implemented.

Sitecore is also attractive in terms of price regarding growing requirements…

Due to its modular structure, you can start with the financially reasonable core system and then gradually expand it with a whole lot of freely available modules and templates as well as well documented classes and methods. Even complex websites and technically demanding portals can be implemented easily by using the powerful development-platform, based on current Microsoft .NET technology.

…and is easily scalable!

Sitecore provides you with native Multi-Site Support and Content Sharing. Especially regarding bigger, international web-projects, a central administration and the operation/expansion on a performant system is a huge advantage. Sitecore CMS was created highly scalable from the very beginning. The system is such oriented to support each and every growth without elemental investments or changes. In addition Sitecore offers a cloud-enabled architecture by its WCMS Azure Edition. If you have any questions or you wish to have a demonstration, please Contact Sitecore.