Goals of social media activities

Surely you have asked yourself what the goal auf your daily is and what you want to achieve by your doing.

Goals of social media activitiesFor your company or your product it means that you define targets and goals and strategies for achieving objectives and subsequently aim at reaching those goals by using all your resources and capabilities. As well as financial goals (for example to increase revenues by 3%), there are also communication goals that you should set yourself for a fixed period. Your social media work should always be within the scope of communication goals and communication strategy.

SMART objectives

Set yourself SMART objectives! Be

* Specific
* Measureable
* Achievable
* Relevant
* Timely

In the scope of social media activities, always ask yourself:

* Are my objectives precisely defined?
* Are my objectives measurable?
* Are my objectives achievable?
* Are my objectives realistic and relevant for my strategy?
* Are my objectives temporally defined?

Furthermore, objectives can roughly be divided in two categories:

* Qualitative objectives
* Quantitative objectives

Quantitative objectives

Quantitative objectives describe all objectives that can be evaluated by figures/numbers and are therefore highly measurable. Their degree of achieving the objectives is easily verifiable. Factors such as a turnover increase and sales increases are combined here. Within the field of social media activities, also an improvement concerning the ranking in search engine results can be sorted here. The better a website in the internet is cross-linked by linking, the more positive this may affect the ranking of a site. In the field of social media, Twitter for example supports a recommendation attitude, which may lead to individual users reviewing your site in their private blog, including your new product and maybe also recommending it. By doing so, also traffic can be measurable increased (meaning the flow of website visitors).

Furthermore, new potential target groups become accessible concerning the so called new media, in case of congruent occurrence. This increase in customers is also measurable in numbers and can be illustrated as such. Qualitative objectives are especially important for social media campaigns.  However, this kind of objective is very hard to measure.

Qualitative objectives

Qualitative objectives normally describe the rather soft factors.  Among these are raising awareness for the own brand in a target group (brand awareness), increasing satisfaction within the target group and much more. Have you thought about how a company, which dares freshly and vibrantly the new communication channels, is perceived? Right, they can emphasize the company’s image and personality as young and fresh. Do not forget that whole target groups between 20 and 49 years linger in the new media and compare noted on their shopping experiences. If you are active here, you can catch moods and can therefore initiate a proactive crisis management by running issue management. Issues can be specifically collected if you develop a virtual fan community and gather your customers on a platform (often called „friends“within the internet). Bear in mind though that social media is always interactive. You do need profiles and employees/colleagues who know their way in the networks and can move confidently.  Your friends expect that the communication will not be a one way street.
Generally a distinction is made between two types of social media activities: do you only want to spread factual information concerning your products or do you also wish to give a face to the persons behind the products? The latter would let you appear likable and transparent. You would obtain your own personality in the internet und would also be perceived as such.


Concerning social media, opening new ways of communication are especially of importance and should serve as a motivator to open up to the new channels. Let yourself be engaged with the kind of communication and try to assimilate and deepen the communication your way and engage yourself with the manner of communication and try to incorporate and deepen the communication your way and to adjust your wording to your fans. Mind that your objectives are SMART and can therefore be measured most easily.

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