Our customer Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH from Iserlohn, manifold design-award-winning manufacturer of high-quality faucets for bathrooms and kitchens, leaves nothing to chance when it comes to content marketing. The target group-oriented control of content is paramount. With videos, high-quality footage and interesting links to cultural projects, the company offers a lot more to its customers and interested parties than mere product information, but creates an aesthetical staging of bathroom- and kitchen worlds. Robert Müller, responsible for online marketing at Dornbracht, explained Dornbracht’s content marketing strategy to us in an interview.

The car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is practicing a particularly innovative form of content marketing since summer 2012: internal and external content is curated on Social Publish. Web content is curated on the eponymous web platform. The specialty: texts, images and videos are not only provided by the own marketing department.

Colleagues like to name John Deere from the USA as THE content marketing pioneer. The present-day tractor manufacturer has been relying on content since 1895, because he didn’t have the money for expensive advertisements: Deere offered plough seminars for farmers and started the farmer magazine "The Furrow", which is the world’s most high-circulation agrarian publication in our days.

Certainly this is one of the most traditional and long-lasting content marketing campaigns. But: in Bielefeld, comspace’s hometown, there is another pioneer of content marketing, who has actually begun to make his products more attractive by service information 2 years before the American agricultural machinery manufacturer:

„Content marketing will likely become our most important pillar regarding the marketing in the next two years.“, says Max Wittenzellner, CSO of the Thomas-Krenn.AG from Freyung in Lower Bavaria. Today, the Thomas-Krenn.AG is among the leading providers of servers in Germany, the business operates solely online.  „We want to grow substantially in the next years and want to attack the current no. 1, Dell.“, says Wittenzellner. And content is the key: „Via content we can prove our competence. We offer service for our customers via content. We are found via content. And content brings us to the very top regarding search engines!“

"Content is king!“ – Who doesn’t know this slogan? Content marketing is one of this year’s trend themes and at the same time a term that concerns specialized media. We ask ourselves: what is behind it? And how does content become king?

For a couple of years now the exiting novelties regarding hardware have been presented by the big manufacturers on their own events. Nevertheless, in our opinion there are a lot of highlights on the CeBIT 2013 that you should not miss.

Due to its Content Management System FirstSpirit, the e-Spirit AG ranks among the market-leading companies in the field of Web Content Management. FirstSpirit supports businesses regarding the creation, maintenance and provisioning of various content for websites, portals, E-shops or intranets.

The topic of this year‘s CeBIT 2013 is "Shareconomy" . What is meant by this artificial word? Distributed economy? Shared economy?

Since technologies such as cloud computing, social networks and e-commerce have solidified more and more in the everyday life of people, the attention shifts more and more to the actual content. Here, a special form of interaction has emerged over the last years.

We have asked ourselves: what practical example might we best use to illustrate the usage, processing and collection of Big Data?

Of course Facebook, IBM and Google provide widely quoted and illuminated Use Cases. Nevertheless we have chosen another global player, which, according to our opinion, offers an even more graphical example, because it represents "real life" more intensively than the mere online-business:

Media data, connection data, tracking data, and user profiles – each information needs resources for storage and further processing. But at this point precisely, current information systems quickly reach their limits – technically as well as legally.

The desire to gather, to store and to process an infinite number of information is great. Especially private commercial enterprises do desire a lot of information in order to adjust their services and products in an optimal way to trends, local or global facts, existing customers and interested parties, but also authorities are using ever increasing amounts of data for prosecution (for example within the framework of data retention) or monitoring (for example of financial markets).

Big Data has already been a much discussed topic in 2012. Even a renowned CMS manufacturer and a provider of web analysis solutions did already take up this topic. Reason enough for us to take a look what’s behind this term and where we, as an online service provider, see points of contact, and further more to ask the following question: Is Big Data also a topic for small and medium-sized companies and non-online businesses?

But let’s begin with the question of what Big Data is in general: the term Big Data refers to especially big, mostly unstructured amounts of data that cannot be managed and processed or at least only insufficiently managed and processed with conventional database-systems or data management tools.

Christian Sauer, managing director of our web-analysis partner Webtrekk, did give us some answers to our questions.

What does Big Data imply for Webtrekk?

"In view of the variety of web analysis data that accrue daily at Webtrekk, Big Data is our topic exactly. Webtrekk is a Big Data provider, meaning that we process up to 25.000 data sets per second and a lot of terabytes of raw data are stored."

Perhaps you have visited a YouTube Channel of a car-brand such as VW, BMW, AUDI or of another company. In the following it will be explained which purpose the YouTube Channels serve, what kind of channels there are and what differences are between them.

The Google Webmaster Tools offer valuable assistance regarding the user-friendliness optimization of  the own website and regarding the Google ranking by retrieving data for crawling, for indexing and about page views.

It can be very annoying to wait a long time for the content of a website - only to recognize the content wasn’t what you were looking for in the first place. It is for this reason that many users promptly abort their visit if they have to wait for some time, and they rarely come back. Too bad, isn’t it, that because of this you can’t sell them your services or products. Content Distribution Networks help to bring content quickly to the user, without your having to build a worldwide infrastructure of name- and webservers.

The Thomas-Krenn.AG from Freyung, our partner in the area of server- and system solutions, shows us how to gain energy efficiency with the „right“ hardware solution. The experts of one of the largest server manufacturers in Germany know what they are talking about when it comes to energy-saving server- and client systems.

In the last few weeks, Google has by and by adjusted the LinkBar of the respective countries, beginning with Google.com. The reason for this little adjustment is the integration of Google Profile into the menu, as well as the reorganization of the settings, which are accessible to the top right above the little number wheel.

In 2011, Sitecore was listed by all relevant analysts among the worldwide leading WCM systems. Gartner even declared recently that Sitecore is the most innovative provider with the most integrated, most visionary offering for the requirements of modern marketing. This is reason enough to introduce our long-time partner Sitecore to you.

„What’s the point of that?!“ „What do WE get out of it?!“ „What am I supposed to tell the controlling?!“

With these and similar questions you will see yourself confronted when you are presenting your communication concept for the application of social media. There will be objectives on which’s attainment-level you and the success of your campaign will be measured upon.

There are countless cloud applications. We would like to introduce some of the classic tools:

The Google algorithmupdate, also called Panda Update (formerly also called Farmer-Update), has been the number one topic concerning the field of email marketing for months now. Now the update was leveled for Germany on August 12th 2011 – it had already flown into the Google algorithm at the beginning of the year for the USA and other English speaking countries.

When thinking about the figures and prognoses mentioned in the article "Green-IT – what does that mean?", it is obvious to start looking for alternative concepts regarding IT in businesses.  Factors that preserve the environment also benefit to businesses – in form of smaller electricity bills, lower acquisition costs for hard- and software and a lower maintenance for system administrators.

By Green-IT the resource-conserving use of information- and communication technologies (IKT) throughout the entire lifecycle is meant - from the production to the utilization and the disposal. The largest consumption of resources in the form of electricity results thereby from the operation of IKT-devices, especially computers, computing centers and servers.

Java is an object oriented programming language. Among its key characteristics are security, robustness, carrying out compiled codes (bytecode) on a virtual machine and platform independence. Regarding Java programs one distinguishes between two types: applications and applets. Applications are Java programs that may be executed and completed independently.

By responsive web design, flexible layouts that automatically adjust to the available screen sizes are meant. Also the content section, texts, images and videos are scaled accordingly and correctly positioned. The web design therefore reacts to the conditions of the terminal device and supplies correspondingly an adjusted layout.

Error is human. Errors in web applications, unfortunately, are a risk – especially where personal data is merged into those applications. It is not, however, just by electronic means that data thieves try to break and enter: physical security has become an increasing issue – as evidenced by so-called penetration-tests. Wherever there is data it can be captured. Specialists help to find data leaks and to successfully repel attacks.

Google+ (spoken: Google Plus) is Google Inc.’s new social network At the moment (middle of September) the network is still in its testing phase and can since its launch on June 28th 2011 only be accessed by invitation.

By means of this social network, Google now competes with Facebook and tries for the second time to establish a social network.

From a legal point of view, cloud computing is, at least in some areas, still a sensitive subject. Especially due to the transfrontier services there are uncertainties regarding the applicable law. There is also need for clarification in respect to copyright, license conditions, and especially about data protection. In the following, the data protection problem shall be described further.

The JavaScript framework jQuery Mobile concentrates on the well-known and popular jQuery framework. jQuery Mobile shall make it easy to develop websites and at the same time to make the access optimal for as many mobile devices as possible.

The term swarm intelligence originally comes from natural sciences and has meanwhile found its way to the internet. It previously served to describe group behavior of fish-, bird- and locusts-swarms. A couple of years ago it has already been discussed widely in the internet and has now recently resurfaced at GutenPlag, VroniPlag, etc.

Viral marketing is a method that encourages customers and users to recommend certain offers and services. Viral marketing focusses primarily on a modern form of mouth-to-mouth-recommendation.

I would like to explain which working steps you have to make in order to install the Open Text Web Content Management Systems 10.1. For a start, the following parts are necessary for the installation of such a system:

  • an appropriate operation sstem
  • a web-server, a database and PHP
  • Microsoft .NET Framework, version3.5
  • and an OpenText Website Management Server

Internet users, via the Google search, are looking more and more for providers in their surrounding area (local search) in order to find the matching service provider for their requests. They make a find in the "normal" Google search and Google Maps. Therefore, it is especially important for small and medium sized businesses, but also for bigger ones with several local subsidiaries, to concentrate on an entry in Google Places, Google’s business directory, in order to be found optimally at Google.

Identifying energy guzzlers and using the energy saving potential – there are numerous ways to do exactly this in the everyday office life. The following tips may help you to prevent unnecessary environmental stress and to reduce your energy costs. 

Over 20.000 nomination proposals, more than 60.000 votes at the t3n Web Award…. and the winner is: the E-Mail Marketing Solution Inxmail Professional! Learn more about the excellent professional software and the partnership between comspace and the -Mail Marketing experts Inxmail.

It is a long-term ‚frozen‘ conflict in Germany that now enters into a new phase. The current trigger is the supervising authority Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD), Schleswig-Holstein. This authority has instructed all authorities/institutes in Schleswig-Holstein, after a close technical examination, to abandon their Facebook sites as well as their social media plugins, especially the „I Like“ button.

Surely you have asked yourself what the goal auf your daily is and what you want to achieve by your doing.

hybris is one of the leading experts in the field of End-to-End Multichannel Commerce. The manufacturer of standard software and provider of Managed and Hosting Services from Munich help businesses and companies to communicate consistently, topically and relevantly with customers and partners via all distribution channels. To meet this challenge hybris has developed an integrated and flexible solution to manage marketing- and distribution- information media-neutrally, automated and centrally. Thus, companies are enabled to distribute their products and services consistently via all distribution channels. 

Eight arms and 42 eyes – that’s what a system administrator would need to keep an eye on all of his systems at all times. How big is the network load? Is the CPU peacefully smoldering away right now? Is the Java-process eating up lots of RAM again? Is a log-in from the website still possible? Are e-mails cluttering up the mail-server?

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS – these are terms that are constantly mentioned in connection with the cloud. But what is behind these terms and what do they mean? Let’s look at the term cloud in general. Cloud means „Wolke“ and exactly this is described by the term. A cloud of IT-infrastructure, computing power and data storage.

The Content Management System FirstSpirit 5 is intended for companies that want to protect investments and improve customer experiences, whether on the international company website, the corporation-wide employee portal, the online store, on mobile devices or social networks. FirstSpirit supports companies regarding the consistent addressing of their target groups across the various channels and regarding the implementation of successful online marketing strategies.

The core product of allyve, „allyve All-in-One“ , is a software-as-a-service-solution by which a website is completely connected to the social web. The software bundles all important features of the most popular social networks and social media services in one social media interface. Integrated in this interface, 10 social plugins are available. As a Whitelabel-solution, the social plugins can be integrated seamlessly in every website. By means of the social plugins and the additional service statistic, moderation and cloud-database, nothing stands in the way of a successful social media integration and optimization of the website. As the first and only solution allyve All-in-One additionally ensures data protection compliant and legally secure social media integration. Data protection and data security were certified by the TÜV Rheinland.

Since the beginning of the year, comspace is a certified agency partner of the Webtrekk GmbH. Due to this strategic partnership, comspace customers benefit from the certified web analysis competence and the knowledge transfer with Webtrekk, one of the leading providers of high-end-web-analysis with TÜV certified data protection.

hybris supports companies to communicate with their customers across all channels and points of interactions – online and offline – in a continuous, consistent and effective way and thus helps them to sell more products, services and digital contents. hybris delivers "OmniCommerce™": modern Master Data Management and uniform commerce processes that enable companies to have a comprehensible view on their customers, products and orders. At the same time, the customers profit from a seamless shopping experience.

In a world of design-, trademark right- and patent disputes, a well-known approach becomes important: Open Source. It is not only a procedure to distribute knowledge and tools, but also a philosophy. Take for example the dream of owning a home. So far characterized by individual interests and data formats. The only one with an honest focus on his project is the client.

The advantages of trigger-mailings are obvious: they have a high relevance for the receiver and thus above-average opening- and click rates. Once a campaign is set up, it is usually running by itself. With the E-Mail marketing solution Inxmail Professional, the effort for the creation of the mailings can also be kept within a limit.

Sitecore has an impressive success story. 470 employees worldwide ensure that the software becomes still better. Last year alone, the company has generated 180 new jobs and for 2013 a strong growth and an impressive product-roadmap are on the agenda. Reason enough to introduce Sitecore to you.

With increasing electricity prices, the topic of energy efficiency gets also more and more important within the IT sector. In order to take account of this development, the Thomas-Krenn.AG has developed a server that maximally consumes only 9 watts per hour, 20 percent of what a comparable server on ATOM basis needs: the so-called Low Energy Server.

The automation of our lives is in full swing: smartphones are reacting to time and place, are spouting out digital memories and are canalizing our communication. Cars are navigating around traffic jams, are interchanging with their conspecifics in order to prevent major disasters. And houses? Well okay, they are rather stupid compared to the masses, but this is going to change as well in the medium term. Compared to 1992, this is all technically magnificent and one is tempted to ask how one could ever live without these technologies.

At the last Online Stammtisch OWL – an event regularly supported by comspace – alpha blogger Robert Basic visited and held a 30-minute-lecture about how very much Web 2.0 is actually passé. As a trend. Because we are all in the midst of it.

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