30. Mai 2012

Ottobock launches Information-Website fussheberschwaeche.de

The weakness of dorsiflexion (drop foot) is often the consequence of a stroke. Despite modern rehabilitation methods, some patients keep a strong impairment of the walking ability. Under some medical indications, the normal walking ability can largely be restored by means of neurostimulation. The Otto Bock HealthCare has made pioneering developments in this filed and with the Actigait® developed a product that helps exactly these patients.

Fußheberschwäche by Otto BockWith the new website, affected persons can quickly find the way to suitable medical care in case of a weakness of dorsiflexion. The website delivers extensive information about the causes of weakness of dorsiflexion and possible aids on the way to mobility

Further important sections for affected persons are the progress reports of patients, interviews with experts and the possibility of advice via a hotline. An overview of health care support stores and hospitals that offers detailed advice regarding aids for weakness of dorsiflexion, rounds out the offer.

The navigation is clearly structured so that all relevant topics may be reached with only two clicks. The option to adjust the typeface regarding its size increases the site’s usability even more. The design is discreet and – just like the information portal vorfussamputation.de by Ottobock – held with decent shades.

By a contact button that can be reached via the start page, patients and affected persons have the opportunity to directly enter a dialogue with Ottobock. The most important medical terms are professionally explained in a glossary.

We developed the concept and design together with our partner Hochhaus Digitale (formerly capricoup) from Cologne.