We are not only committed regarding our customers, partners and employees, but also want to make a contribution to the common welfare, for a better way of living. Therefore we are supporting different projects, in which we would like to give you a small insight.

Arminia Supporters Club

With over 5.000 members, Arminia’s Supporters Club (ASC) is the department with the most members. It functions as an interface between the club and fans and represents members‘ interests.  Since 2004 we have been supporting the voluntary work of the management board, by  designing and further-developing the website (, on basis of Open Text Web Solutions), as well as handling the email-member-information by means of Inxmail and a live audio streaming of the home matches.

Sternthaler Trauerbegleitung

Sternthaler is a contact point for grieving children, adolescents and their relatives that have lost a beloved person by death. Our Christmas donation in 2010 went to Sternthaler in Bielefeld and the Sternthaler team told us a lot about its work. That led to the idea of integrating the medium internet in the work in a joint project. Our team will implement the results for Sternthaler. We hope that by doing so we can help some kids with coping with their grief.

SC RotWeiß Maaslingen 1947 eV

Exercise, health care and a contribution to common good – this are only three of many tasks that sports clubs perform in our society. Especially clubs in the countryside are often some of very few contact points for children and adolescents. Even though politics recognize the importance of sports clubs, budgetary restrictions and cuts lead to more and more cuts concerning this area. The sports club Sportclub Rot-Weiß Maaslingen is located in the northern part of Minden-Lübbecke, close to the state border to Niedersachsen. The region is very rural and a lot of sports clubs have vanished in the last couple of years or had to join forces with other clubs. Since 2002 we have been supporting the club in the internet, in social networks and act as sponsor from time to time for jerseys and events.

WIR FÜR EUCH Schwarz Weiß Blau eV

The association "WIR FÜR EUCH – Schwarz Weiß Blau e.V." supports socially deprived and people in need in Bielefeld, assigning them tickets for sport events and thereby enables this group of people to participate in the local sporting culture and meaningful leisure time. We have supported the association regarding the development of its online-offers and its Facebook site and continue to support the voluntary workers regarding the further development of the site.